Gethin Jones on writing two books [Interview]

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Some weeks ago, Shaping Director Stef Nienaltowski met one of Portsmouth's fascinating characters, Gethin Jones, to find out about his story and experiences, and how he's now helping others with their aspirations and futures.

Stef met Gethin again last month to discuss the books he's currently writing, which will be his legacy for all those who want to do more with their lives.
Here is the first of three interviews over the coming months which lifts the lid on what this publication will be and how it will help others.

Stef Nienaltowski: I'm sitting here this afternoon talking to an old friend in Gethin Jones, and he's going to tell us about two books he's going to write. So, good afternoon Gethin.

Gethin Jones: Good afternoon Stef, nice to see you again.

SN: Thank you, so Gethin, why have you decided to write two books, and how did that come about?

GJ: Well, I've always known I've had a book in me, and it's been a lifetime in the making, and then what happened was when I started to go through the process of actually looking for a publisher to maybe support me in writing the book, I sat down with them and they started to talk about maybe another book, so a small book, and the small book would be something that leads into what they call the "authority book" which is more of a story of my life, so yes that's how it came about, I started off with one project and then got two.

SN: Indeed, so you've mentioned there large and small books, exactly what type of books individually will they be?

GJ: Well, I'm creating a 6-days change development programme, and we're going to really excited about kinda telling people more about that, but the small book is going to start to introduce the 6 characters that sit within my change development programme. And then what's also going to happen as well, is the characters are going to weave in and out of my story, of what I call my last day of my old way of thinking. So that's going to be the small book. The larger book is what's going to be called my authority book, and that's going to be more a story of my whole life, but it's also again going to weave in the 6-days change development programme that I've created. And then what will happen as well, is the smaller book then will also be then a reflective book that somebody can use, just to go back and touch base on whether they've got any situations going on in their life that might need a bit of change.

SN: Wow! I’ll come on in a moment and ask what support you've been getting, but do I remember you saying the book will have some familiar names in it, and characters that you might use as references?

GJ: Yeah, there are some similarities, I'm not going to give too much away at this stage, but it's one of our most famous sons is linked to it, so I'll give you his name, it's Charles Dickens, so not to say I'm a Charles Dickens by any means, but there will be some connections to him within these books.

SN: OK, we wait with baited breath. So, I alluded to it just now, as ever these things need a lot of support, so what sort of support have you got?

GJ: I found a really really good company, because I'm part of what's called the PSA, the Professional Speakers' Association, and I met a gentleman there called Richard Hagen, who supports publishing books. He's got a company and what happened within that company, I've recruited Richard that does the publishing and editorial side, and then I've also got another fella called Martin, and he's my writing coach, so I get 20 hours of coaching from him as well, to support me in the delivery and creating the book.

SN: Wow, and, do you have to pay for that coaching?

GJ: I've paid for all of that, yeah, it's an investment though, and for me it's my brand, and my reputation is everything, so I really wanted to create something that is really professional, and actually is something that people want. And their reputation is also really quite key for them as well, and they've also said they wouldn't publish anything under their name if they didn't feel it was good enough. So the support from what it is that they know, and also my experience, is coming together and joining up really well.

SN: Brilliant indeed. So, I can't wait! Roughly, when might we see these things published and launched?

GJ: Well, not too far in the distant future. So, the small book is hoping to be published around about October time, and then the authority book will be early next year, so it will probably be around March or April time, because the programme that I've signed up to is around a 6-month process, so it's an intense writing process with all the amount of coaching, and the publishing, and the editorial side alongside of it, so that we can have two meaningful books in a short space of time.

SN: Wonderful, so, October, hopefully, then March. So, would you come back and tell us, a bit nearer, how they're going and how this is all progressing?

GJ: Yeah, I might even introduce you to the characters at that point.

SN: Look forward to that, Gethin, thank you for your time.

GJ: Brilliant.

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